Hey There! I’m Samantha…

The last couple times I’ve had to write one of these things I definitely missed the mark … this is where I get to blab about all the cool stuff I’ve done and tell you about who I am . . .  Soooooo you would think I’d be telling away. . . But honestly I am the type of chick that just wants you to read the actual articles I write or join one of my podcasts to find out who I am and if you’re going to vibe with me!

I hate talking about myself when I don’t feel like it has a purpose or connects to a story but here goes nothing:

I am a 30 something year old multitasking wife, momma of two and inspirational speaker/writer who can throw down in the kitchen!

I let my love languages translate in many different forms! From what I pen to the plate I put in front of you at my dinner table!

I guess I have gotten to this point in life from all the neat and not so neat experiences that I have had but hey that’s what life is about the experiences and how you play your life out according to what you have learned.

I am by no means perfect. . . I am perfectly imperfect and proud of it because that’s what makes me …ME!

So at this point you are probably like why should I listen to a podcast to or read what she has to say and my answer to that is because I want to make you laugh, help you succeed, have you try new things, see that anything is possible no matter the obstacle, show you that you can be anything and everything you want in this world without compromising!

Not to mention I really really want to feed you! (Check out my recipes)

Welcome to Samantha and the City! I look forward to you staying for a while.