The One Thing I Learned From The Kardashians

The One Thing I Learned From The Kardashians

Now that my husband and I have decided to try for baby number 3 and coming off the heels of the Kim Kardashian West baby number 4 news it is more appropriate than ever for me to share with you the one thing the Kardashian’s taught me.

During my first pregnancy I gained 130 some pounds. Needless to say I was huge and there was no way to hide it . . . Or so I thought.

Like most first time pregnancies I had no clue what to expect or what I was doing. I pretty much winged it. (I was still in college playing basketball when I found out I was pregnant so no one around me was even close to that stage in their life . . . Which meant no one could understand what I was going through or coach me from their own experiences).

By the end of my pregnancy I was a whale. I saw my cute and athletic physique disappear. The one thing I regret from that pregnancy was not embracing the changes in my body and not being present on how beautiful having a child truly is. Those feelings, emotions and lack of appreciation definitely showed in the photos I took throughout those 9 months. Every single one shouted misery.

For all you women out there that have been pregnant you can understand the struggle of feeling out of sorts and not sexy in your own body. But when that translates into how you look and the pictures you take its devastating. Not to mention being pregnant 11 years ago was not as glamorized as it is today. Today a baby bump is something that can be accessorized. Back then having a bump was a 9 month prison sentence in maternity clothing hell.

Fast forward to the era of the Kardashian pregnancies . . . More specifically Kim’s.

Kim who proportionally carries more junk in the trunk got very large and wide through the duration of her pregnancies like most women but the one thing she did different was how she styled her bump and the specific pieces she wore to give the illusion that she was smaller than she really was. . . making her pregnancy shape look completely different than it was.


Kim and her team of stylists (I’m guessing) knew exactly how to draw everyone’s attention all to her belly all the while concealing her body changes and weight gain.

Here are the two significant styling tips to reclaim your sexy and conceal those pregnancy pounds:

  1. Wear fitted maternity dresses and tops.

  2. Pair a duster, trench coat, blazer or long sweater/cardigan with each outfit.


By using this two simple styling tips you will accentuate your cute little bump but also sheild your back, butt and arms. All areas that tend to loose their definition and curves. By wearing fitted dresses and tops they will cling nicely to your bump and give it form, giving the illusion of a round shape (the shadows from the over piece helps give this illusion). This is especially important when you are on pregnancy number 2, 3 and up. Where us who have loose skin from previous pregnancies . . . It gives us the appearance of a perfectly round belly shape while we are waiting to fill out that stretched skin.

What you can’t tell from this photo is that my back has widen and I have lost all my curves

What you can’t tell from this photo is that my back has widen and I have lost all my curves

What I love about these styling tips is that every woman can use them during their pregnancies whether they are petite or full figured pre-pregnancy just look at the picture below of Megan Markle, who has a petite frame.


As you can tell from above photo these tips suits any body type and can even be worn weeks after birth or until you get your bounce back!