When Is It the Right Time To Start Facial UpKeep?

OK ladies and gents today we are going to tackle the sensitive subject of “when should you start facial upkeep”, more specifically at what age.

Recently on Instagram the 10 year challenge has been taking over my timeline. I’ve seen some mouth dropping 10 year changes and not so much. So much so it has propelled the question of what age should a person start facial upkeep to achieve the youthful look that they had 10 years prior.

Of course I had to bring this question up at ladies brunch last Sunday it only seemed fitting. ( I love you not familiar with what ladies brunch is see my post titled “Intro to Ladies Brunch”).

As we were talking the group had mixed thoughts about even doing anything more than a good monthly face and skin care regimen. But leave it to my friend V, she stands by the idea that if you haven’t started preserving in your 20s you are behind the eight ball.

Just to give you an idea of how flawless she is this woman doesn’t look one day older than 25 and she is in her 30s . . . Not to be fooled V lives a very active lifestyle which contributes to her youthful appearance.

Myself on the other hand I believe that other than a good skin care regimen (ie cleanser and moisturizer) combined with a healthy active lifestyle you shouldn’t mess with your face until you are in your 30s or when you see a change in your appearance/ signs of rapid aging.

Minus lip fillers I did not touch my face until this past year at 33 years old. I haven’t even had a facial. Call it “black don’t crack”, call it good genes, call it blessed . . . call it whatever you want. I have literally had flawless skin by not doing anything special just good moisturizer and lotion and by drinking a whole bunch of water to keep my skin clear.

Unfortunately this past year I saw a huge change in my face around my brow area. Y’all know I show my feelings on my face so the frown lines I had were out of this world.

Before picture

Before picture

I begin to start to feel like I was looking worn in old. Afraid to touch my face because I suffer from Bell’s Palsey in the past, I felt stuck between a rock and a hard spot on what I could do.

So what options did I have to reverse my fine lines and ages look?

That’s when research and a great aesthetician came into play. So when I decided to get laser hair removal I thought it was best to set up a consultation to see what options I actually had. Insert the plethora of knowledge Angel, owner of Angel aesthetics had and 22 units of Botox later and bye-bye frown lines.

I honestly have to say that I think I made the best choice to let my face mature, grow and fill out before I touched it with any fillers or Botox. Something I don’t think that you should do in your 20s.

Now for some people this might not be the answer but for me I think that I made the best decision because when I do eventually start get older in age I’m going to look the same as I do now because of the upkeep that I’m doing now. The changes I make will be small and subtle so it won’t be a shock to the system for people when they see me because I’m gradually up preserving my youth.

Please check out my follow up article on my Botox experience and results. For more information on how to get an consultation or appointment with my aesthetician Angel follow her on her instagram @missangelrenee or on her website www.skincarebyangel.com