Botox Recap

Yesterday I posted an article about when it is appropriate or the best time to start facial upkeep/preservation. Here is my recap and results from trying Botox for the first time.

After figuring out that Botox was not going to flare up or affect the nerve behind my eye that went into paralysis due to Bell’s palsy. I decided I was going to treat the frown lines on my forehead and brow area.

The whole procedure took less than 10 minutes from start to finish. This included me making a series of facial moments and frowns so Angel, my aesthetician, could see exactly where she was going to make the injections. Then after several tiny needle pricks and 22 units of Botox I was done.

After everything was all done Angel told me I could resume normal activities such as working out in a few hours and that I would see results in 5-7 days. As far as upkeep it was suggested I come in every 3 months to sustain my results.

As far as side effects the only thing I experienced later that day was a small headache and in an hour or so it faded away.

Since then the results have been amazing! I can definitely see a dramatic change in my appearance and my deep frown lines are completely gone. Look below to see the before and after photos for yourself. Hey

Before on the Left . . . After on the Right

Before on the Left . . . After on the Right

For more information on if Botox is right for you contact Angel at Angel Aesthetics . For all my non Denver readers she does FaceTime consultations and can definitely point you in the right direction.

Tell her Samantha sent you!