Parenting Millennial Style: Our Switch Up

Being a parent is hard but being a Millennial parent is even harder. Today there seems like there are so many choices and obstacles you must tackle head on when it comes to raising your children and the standards you set. With the world changing at an ever rapid pace staying true to those standards can be tested day in and day out.

So what does all of this have to do with our big announcement? Well let me give you a little refresher!

Since the dealing with the house fire and everything that goes along with renovating a house after a disaster I haven’t posted anything on here in a hot minute. So if you go back to my beginning posts I posted about why we are keeping our baby off the internet/gram and how we actively tell friends and family to not post any pictures of him and the reasoning behind it. One of those reasons being that not just everyone and anyone gets to be a part of the special moments of our lives and also because in not putting our baby on the gram we are actively teaching are children the rights to their privacy in this oh so un-private social media era we are raising them in.

As millennial parents I feel that we are on the cusp of falling head first into this era of where all the morals, values and standards are parents instilled in us are hastily disappearing. So standing firm on our parenting beliefs and the decisions we make as co-parents holds a lot of weight and if we ever do decided to change our views on things it is a drawing board deliberation of all the pros, cons, and potential outcomes that making the decision will have not just on our family as a whole but our children individually.

Now that you have the refresher and some insight into how the Hodge family works I am excited to announce that we have switched it up and put baby Evitt on the Gram!!!!

For all those wondering why I can tell you it was not because our practices were too tough or because we succumbed to the pressure. Nope we made the big decision to post pictures of our baby because he has had some amazing opportunities for modeling work and we are using this as his virtual portfolio.

So without further ado here is the newest addition to our family our 1 year old Evitt III (yes he’s a third lol).

Photo taken by Desiree Johnson (@desireejohnsonphotography)

Photo taken by Desiree Johnson (@desireejohnsonphotography)

I am very proud of my husband and I because we went a whole year without exposing our baby on the internet. As for our 11 year old like I said in my “why we keep our baby off the gram” post because we were young parents we didn’t keep him off social media but in this past year we held the same standards for him and he wasn’t posted either.

Can I just also add that our baby boys now share an Instagram page (@ninoandmooch) that is for their modeling photos and glimpses for you all to see the opportunities they each have!

Until Next Time!