The Reasons We Keep Our Baby Off The Gram

Keeping Your Baby’s Social Media Anonymity:

4 Fun tricks to show them off without showing them off  

During my pregnancy my husband and I sat down to set the expectations and guidelines for a what our baby would experience and how we would handle certain situations involving him.

 As it pertained to social media we decided we would never show his face on it at all!


Nowadays social media exploits every possible moment of our lives. Nothing seems to be off limits not even the comments people make.  One thing we know is that our precious babe will be able to get on the internet someday and it will be way more advance than it is now and he will be able to search and explore and the last thing we want is for him to read anything that might hurt him or sway his opinion of us or himself.

The next reason we decided to keep little man off social media is so he can learn what it is to make a personal connection and know that communications takes effort and not just the click of a mouse.

Today people who you know and don’t know can make an instant connection with you and never make any sort of effort. Not a call, not a text and surely not even a comment on your page.

Somethings in your life are not made for such an informal setting and we believe our baby is one of them. He is precious! And even though people have their different ideas we feel that personal in-person connections are way more valuable then a double tap on Social media.

Unfortunately when my husband and I were raising our older son we were a little bit younger and had the “1st baby thing” going on where we were learning as we went vs now where we are smarter, grounded and concrete in our parenting style. Our older son, Giovanni, unfortunately was plastered all over  family’s and my social media. For those of you wonder why I still post him when we feel so strongly about not posting the baby just know I never post any picture of him without his permission I feel that he is at an age where he can voice whether or not he wants to be posted. (Sidenote: he does not have his own social media page and won’t until he reaches the age of accountability)

In our household we really focus on social niceties and make sure they do not disappear with our children... I.e. saying hello, dinner conversations, family communication, having courage to talk to people in person and so on and so forth!

Today being socially awkward is at an all time high and we know that by raising our children in this manner is going to set them apart from the other children growing up in this era. These practices are going to set them so far ahead in every facet of life.


Now for the fun stuff:

 With all that said like any proud parent I still want to show off my adorable little man . . . And it just so happens that my reasons are two fold since a lot of my business is driven through my social media. (For all of you trying to drive your business and get your analytics up on your social media leaving a little mystery and forming your own photo trend is a great way to do so . . . This is branding 101)


So here are my 4 fun and easy tips on how to post your little nuggets on social media without showing their faces!

1.  Find catchy GIFs to cover their face with.  

There are several cool photo editing apps out there that come with animated GIFs and sticker that you can put over baby’s face! For me Instagram is my go to for finding the these cover up images… plus it’s super easy and convenient since I am going to post my picture on Instagram anyway so why not do it all there. What I do is go to create an IG Story and edit the photo from there - once it’s edited to my liking I save it and post accordingly.


2.  Blur out baby’s face or make it out of focus

This one is a no brainer for those who work with a photographer(s) consistently. In my case because I do I make sure they know exactly how to get the image I’m looking! This also is fun for them because it challenges their shooting and editing skills!

If you are doing your own editing I recommend the app Snapseed. It is great for all types of photo editing and is one of my go to apps!


3.  Make sure Baby’s face is out of the frame

This trick tends to be a little harder since our little nuggets like to move around a lot and have very short attention spans .

When I take pictures on my own I make sure someone is around to be a distraction (my older son or husband). Whoever it is can be out of the frame but in close enough proximity to hold baby’s attention. They are always going to be at the angle or direction y  you want your munchkin to face . . . distraction is key. (I always have my camera or phone on a tripod and my helper is the ones that actually clicks the remote to take the picture)

Obviously if you are working with a photographer they will have their own way of making sure you get the picture you are looking for.


4.  Put a prop in front of baby’s face

This is the funnest tip in my opinion. Have you ever seen a movie where a prop is used to cover up a certain body part well this is no different.

Before I jump in front of the camera I plan out the image I am trying to achieve (this is very important for influencers when you are creating content). For the branding photo I used for the cooking portion of the website, Clutch Kitchen, I made sure to placed kitchen props in front of baby I even made hubby a prop. When you get a chance go to the Clutch Kitchen Tab and check it out!