PCOS The Dirty Opponent (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Part 1: The Hairy Truth

As you all know I am a huge advocate of PCOS awareness not only because I have it but because 1 out of every 10 women have it and out of those women over a handful aren’t even aware.

pcos hair removal picture

With this fickle disorder most of the time it doesn’t catch our attention until our childbearing years but all the while it’s side effects wreaking havoc on our bodies.

The one thing I want you readers to know about me and my PCOS journey is I put everything out on the table. There are so many of us that do knowingly have it and go through some really tough side effects and have no one to talk to about it or bounce ideas off of on how we are going to treat them nonetheless how we are to maintain a healthy happy lifestyle.

pcos hair removal picture circled

In part one of this series I am giving you all the 411 on how not to feel like the bearded lady anymore!

Now that above sentence might sound funny but us women that have unwanted chin and facial hair get exactly what I’m talking about.

For so many years I breezed through life with no care in the world about my skin. I could practically not wash my face and would never get a pimple. . . so facial hair was out of the question! It wasn’t until high school that realized that women get unwanted hair on their faces.

I remember in sitting in my 4th period Senior English looking at a girl named Joanna and the massive amounts of dark hair she had underneath her chin. I felt so bad for her because it looked like she actual had to use a razor to get rid of it. As a 17/18 year old girl I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes because being a high schooler and trying to fit in and be excepted was already tough enough. Not only that we went to an all girl catholic high school and teenage girls can be vicious.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that chin hair became a reality for me. I remember walking out of the locker room after playing a basketball game and I ran into a friend of mine that played on the football team. During out conversation he noticed I had a hair on my chin . . . Obviously it had to be long for him to notice it so I told him to pull it out … (we were close enough friends he could do so and it not be awkward or me feel embarrassed . . . Sidenote I did develop a slight complex from this lol)

From that day forward I started paying close attention to my face and the apparent unwanted hairs. I promise you as the years went on from that point a new hair popped up somewhere on my chin. I had become so obsessed with it that I literally had a number count of how many hair were on my face and never left the house without tweezers.

Fast forward to the present and after years of learning what PCOS does to the female body I had had enough and I’m almost 100 percent sure my husband had too . . . Poor guy I would either make him pull my hairs out or would repeatedly say you that you thought you got you a baddie but in all actuality you got a bearded lady.

That’s when I decided that it was time to give the tweezers a break and invest in laser hair removal. After doing some research and I found a great esthetician in Denver who knows how to perform laser hair removal on medium to dark skin types. This is very important! When choosing to do laser hair removal especially on your face you need to find someone who understands all skin types or the results are going to be less than satisfactory and there is a possibility they can burn you.

My first session was an easy 25 minutes. Angel, my esthetician, made me feel super comfortable and informed me how everything was going to work as far as the laser and that I would feel a little flick or low level jolt of the laser and that would be that.

To all of you afraid to do so it was super easy and I would recommend it. In the last couple weeks since I’ve had the procedure the hair has been lighter or nonexistent to my surprise.

I was told to not tweeze but shave if I had any hair that showed up. I will have to do another 3-6 session but then I should be hair free. Something that I never thought of in a million years.

(For more information on my esthetician please look for Blog post title Lady Boss)