Old Fashion Peaches & Cream


Prep time: 15 minutes

Setting time: 6 hours or overnight for best results


 8 – 10 Peaches (on the verge of being ripe but still a little firm)

 1 Half gallon of heavy whipping cream

 3 to 4 cups of granulated white sugar ( to taste)

 4 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

 Medium size mixing or serving bowl



 Wash peaches and wipe dry with a paper towel. Once the peaches are cleaned and dried it is time to pit them.


Pitting peaches is easier then you think! Using a sharp knife (preferably a pairing knife) cut peach in-half vertically. Cut in as deep a you can until you hit the pit. Once you have made this incisions around the entire peach put down your knife and pick up the peach and with both hands and twist as hard as you can as if it the peach is a jar you are trying to open, then pull the two halves apart. If you do this correctly one half will be pit-less and the other won’t. Set aside the halves and continue doing this to the rest of your peaches.


Once all the peaches have been halved take the ones without the pits and start slicing them into medium size slices.


Once all of those pitted peach halves have been sliced place them in the bottom of your bowl.


Now to the other halves still containing the pits:


To pit these halves all you have to do is carefully place your paring knife at the end of the pit and pop it out! It should come out super easy with a little applied pressure.


Once all the pits are out discard them and repeat the slicing step and place peach slices in your bowl.


As soon as all the peach slices are in the bowl you can start adding the sugar. At this point I automatically add three cups  (the additional cup of sugar is to be added later and is optional).


Once you have poured the sugar on the peaches with a baking spatula gently mix so all peaches are coated with sugar evenly.


Once the peaches are coated let sit for about 5 mins, this will give the sugar enough time to penetrate the peaches and  start creating a juice.


As soon as the 5 mins have past, pour the half gallon of heavy whipping cream onto the sugared peaches then stir to combine all ingredients.


After fully combined this is where I like to do a little taste test to see if the mixture is sweet enough for my liking. Remember if you are all about zero waste like me you can use the cream from this dish to make whipped cream so you want the cream to be sweet enough to stand alone as whipped cream once all the peaches are gone.


So with a soup spoon I take one peach slice and a little of the cream mixture and taste it. If it is sweet enough for your liking there is no need for the extra cup of sugar but if it isn’t pour the remain cup of sugar in the mixture and stir.


After the last cup of sugar has been fully distributed … grab some aluminum foil place it over the bowl and place it in the refrigerator so it can congeal/ thicken. This usually takes at least 6 hours but for best results let it sit over night … then enjoy!


Eat … Manger …  Mangia