Zero Waste Peach Whipped Cream

 Zero Waste Peach Whipped Cream

In 2009 my husband, then boyfriend, decided to move with me to Michigan from Colorado. With none of his family or friends out there I wanted to make Michigan, my home, as much as his. So instead of him battling a wicked case of homesickness like I did when I originally moved to Colorado . . . I decided to hit it head on and come up with a regiment of our own personal traditions that would bring him nostalgia from his childhood and memories of growing up in hopes to easy into our new move.

As far as traditions they would be fun things we consistently did each month, year or every time we entertained at our place . . . the no brainer for me was sharing my experiences of how food is the great connector and truly can help bring happiness and euphoria to the smallest of moments. This is honestly where I had my first real thought of wanting to be a chef. . . from those night where we danced around the kitchen experimenting with many different recipes. From the savory dishes to the sweet ones that our guests will never forget. . . our little kitchen in Royal Oak, Michigan gave birth to this 10 year journey to unearthing my love language.

In my Peaches and Cream recipe post I teased my ZERO WASTE mentality . . .which I began by embracing a set of my own cooking philosophies one of which being : that all and every ingredient that we bought for a specific dish could be used in another . . . . maybe even multiple. Not to mention being young millennials up and coming in our careers our budget needed every bit of help. This practice is actually very common in most restaurants!

So without further ado here is a simple and easy way to make homemade peach whipped cream from the remnants of my Old Fashion Peaches And Cream recipe!

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